Working with the Best Looking Commercial Lawyer in Melbourne

When I decided to rent out my office space in the heart of the city, I knew I needed to bring in the big guns – Melbourne’s best looking commercial lawyer who could help me navigate the legal minefield of commercial leases. But being the shallow person that I am, I didn’t just want any old lawyer. No, I demanded the best looking one money could buy.

After an extensive search scouring law firm websites and attending corporate mixers (open bar, of course), I finally found him – Louis Shivarev, Melbourne’s most devastatingly attractive commercial property lawyer. With his striking azure eyes, perfectly tousled chestnut locks, and a figure that could put supermodels to shame, he was essentially a living, breathing legal-themed pinup fantasy.

Our first meeting did not disappoint. As he arrived into the conference room in a suit that somehow managed to be both professional and attractive, I felt my jaw go slack. “M…Mr. Shivarev, I presume?” I stammered as I tried not to visibly sweat through my shirt.

“Please, call me Louis,” he said in a voice as smooth as vintage merlot. He flashed me a smile designed to cripple the willpower of mere mortals, and I’m fairly certain I blacked out for a moment.

Once I regained consciousness, Louis launched into an admirably comprehensive overview of commercial lease agreements, outlining all the potential pitfalls and legal loopholes I needed to watch for. I only caught about every third word, to be honest, as I was mostly focused on the hypnotic sway of his hair.

“…and that, in essence, covers the basics of a triple net lease. Do you have any other questions?” he asked, jolting me out of my trance.

“Wha? Uh, no, you’ve been incredibly…thorough. And helpful. Yes, extremely helpful. Completely grasped all of that,” I lied through my teeth.

Louis leveled me with a gaze that could have set the conference table ablaze. “Well then, if you’ll provide me with the relevant details about your property, I can start drafting up that lease agreement.”

“D-details? Right, of course! The property details! One second…” I fumbled around with the stack of papers in front of me, accidentally scattering them across the table like an open filing cabinet had exploded. Smooth.

As I sheepishly re-organised the mess, I marveled at how this legal god could render me – an otherwise competent and successful professional – into such a flustered, mumbling wreck of a human being.

This full-package lawyer was lethally good-looking, whip-smart, and could probably run circles around me in court.

I was in way over my head with this one. But hey, at least the view was incredible. I just hoped I could make it through lease negotiations without spontaneously combusting. Wish me luck!